Merle Herbs Activated Charcoal Detoxifying Face Wash, 200 ml

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Merle Herbs activated charcoal face wash does not only have the deep cleansing action of Charcoal but is enhanced with black sand particles that keep the skin rejuvenated and radiant.

Make Merle Herbs activated charcoal face wash a part of your daily routine and feel the difference.

The Charcoal Face Wash by Merle Herbs will give you the best solution for all skin-related problems. The activated charcoal in the face wash will act as a lint roller on your skin. The charcoal formula will stick to all dirt, dust, and pollution residual on your skin and help you rinse away everything after washing away your face. 

?     Pore Cleansing

The activated formula of the charcoal face wash by Merle herbs will help you get rid of all dirt and dust. The beads included in the face wash will help you peel and dispose of the dust and impurities.

?     All skin types

This magical formula of Merle Herbs will help you dispose of all bacteria, chemical, and small scale particles. The black sand formula of the face wash will help you remove extra dirt from all skin types.

?     Controls acne and pimples

This charcoal based face wash also includes antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Regular use of this face wash will help you get rid of acne and pimples. This antibacterial property of the face wash will help you revive your skin gently.

?     Gentle care of the skin

This face wash by Merle Herbs is sulfate free, and thus, it provides gentle care to your skin. You don’t have to worry about any harsh impact of the face wash, as the face wash includes only natural ingredients.

?     Flawless skin

Merle Herbs charcoal face wash is the perfect beauty to use, as the face wash will give you a flawless skin that is fresh, clean, and glowing. For a clean makeover after a tiring day, use Charcoal face wash by Merle Herbs.

How To Use

Step 1: Apply 1-2 pumps on damp hands. Note: Avoid contact with eyes. External use only.

Step 2: Emulsify to a light lather then massage onto the face for a minimum of 30 seconds to benefit from the antioxidants.

Step 3: Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm or tap water.

Step 4: Use both morning and night. Safe for all skin types.


Made In India

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