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 The MDM PRO 28 Brush Kit is made of brushes specially designed by Meenakshi Dutt from her experience of more then 24 years in the industry. Being one of the pioneers of the Makeup Industry she has seen the change in techniques and trends over the years and specially curated this set keeping in mind the various Makeup Styles in India. Every brush has a special purpose, made with top quality natural/synthetic hair these brushes are a must have for any aspiring Makeup Artist or even self Makeup fanatics. A special brush kit from the artist who has taught thousands of top Makeup Artists in India and abroad!



Makeup Brush Set


  1. 019 - flat fan brush - for highlight, crease blending and Small area contouring
  2. 001- small eye liner brush - for inner conners and for specific detailing (eyes only)
  3. 002 - spoolie brush + angular brush for eyebrows - shaping and brushing.
  4. 003 - small lip brush for lip line definition.
  5. 005 - lip brush - filling in the lipstick
  6. 006 - tapered medium eye shadow bending brush for application and blending
  7. 007 - small flat hair brush for eyeshadow and cut and crease of eyeshadow
  8. 009 - big blending eyeshadow brush for blending different colour smoothly can also be used for blending nose contour.
  9. 010 - pencil brush to apply eye shadow in the inner corners and also blend lower lash line shadows
  10. 011 - long fluffy bending eyeshadow brush to blend the cut crease shadows
  11. 012 - half fan brush can used to cut crease, apply Highlighter under the brow, nose contouring with cream or powder base products.
  12. 013 - long fluffy blending brush can be used for Multi purpose area - eyes, lips, cheeks.
  13. 015 - flat synthetic eyeshadow brush to dab in eyeshadows - metallic, glitters in small areas.
  14. 016 - flat synthetic bug brush to apply metallic eyeshadows, powder eyeshadows and glitter eyeshadows in bigger areas.
  15. 017 - soft thin blending brush to blend cut crease and also can be used as a pencil brush, apply highlighter on smaller areas.
  16. 018 - thick round synthetic flat brush to apply concealer under the eyes, on the chin, forehead and can also be used for cream contouring.
  17. 020 - flat foundation application synthetic brush for smooth application of foundation on the face, neck and chest
  18. 021 - blusher brush for cream and powered blush.
  19. 022 - angular hair brush to blend piercer contour on cheek, nose, forehead and jawline.
  20. 023 - soft powder brush can be used as a blusher brush, powder brush and highlighter for chest area ( collar bones, shoulders)
  21. 024 - angular foundation bending brush. Perfect for blending cream or liquid foundation for a natural finish.
  22. 025 - Kaboki brush - round thick brush to apply cream blush and also can be used for blending strong cream based products.
  23. 026 - Big fluffy fan brush - multi purpose - used for loose powder for baking, application of compact, application of highlighter on bigger areas - collarbones & shoulders.
  24. 027 - horse show brush to stipple in strong colours on the eyes in specific areas.
  25. 008 - straight flat brush can be used to define eyebrows, apply concealer on eyelids, application of eyeliner under the lash line, application of eyeshadow under the lash line
  26. 028 - long eyeshadow pointed tapered brush for to define cut crease shadow.
  27. 004 - liner brush with long bristles to make the perfect wing liner


  1. 0014 - small flat brush to apply shadow pigments or soft glitters in small areas


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