Evolve Essential Rash-free Eco-safe Sanitary Napkin Pack of 36 (All Medium Flow)

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Evolve Essential is a feminine care brand offering Sanitary napkins as per your flow, Our Sanitary Napkins are made with acrobat premium cotton for rash-free periods,with wider back for extra coverage, added no toxic chemicals, i.e. print or fragrance. Evolve Essential pack of 36 comes with 36 Medium Flow with individual biodegradable disposable bags for easy and clean disposal. We have also taken care of nature parallelly by providing seeded paper that helps you to plant every time you choose to EVOLVE. #TimeToEvolve #KeepEvolving

How To Use

As per your requirement (recommended to change every 5-6 hours 


Made with Acrobat Premium Cotton for Rash-free Periods.


Gentle and rash-free

Made In India