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They say ‘stretch marks are scary as hell’. But tell them you are smart enough to deal with them. Mommas-to-be! Don’t let that scarring and those stretch marks take your joy of pregnancy. If they make you reel under them, rise like a phoenix from the ashes with Babymama stretch marks oil by your side.  Scars are scary but don’t have to be, as long as super momma can fight them and make them free!

Keep your stretch marks in check with this roll-on stretch marks relief that will fight them so they won’t scare you as you make your way to your sweetie pie. The fruity-floral oil blend is also designed to reduce those spooky scars post-pregnancy. Bonus points for the incredible roll-on that makes things easy for you as you slather on the oil.

Delight in the trifecta bliss that comes with dollops of rosehip oil, lavender oil, and sea buckthorn oil. The ‘magical’ formula also has the awesomeness of cocoa butter, green tea, and shea butter that keep skin moisturized down the line.

?Reasons To <3 It

  • Keeps stretch marks in check
  • Heals stretch marks post-pregnancy
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • 100% Safe & Toxin Free


Our pregnancy stretch marks oil keeps stretch marks in check. If used post-pregnancy, the fusion of oils lessens stretch marks. The fruity-floral blend also awakens your senses as you dive into its goodness.

 Mighty Trifecta

Dollops of rosehip oil, lavender oil, and sea buckthorn oil joining forces to rescue skin from scars & stretching skin.

 Oils To The Hydration Rescue

The ‘magical’ fusion of oils quells dryness by offering good hydration to the skin. Feat not many stretch marks formulas can boost of!

 Powerful Roll-On Has Got The Power

This anti-stretch mark oil features a whimsical roll-on that glides over your skin effortlessly, making frustrating spills and messy drips things of the past.

 Cocoa & Shea Vibes

Think Cocoa bean and Shea nut combo? This cocktail of Cocoa butter and Shea butter moisturizes like a pro and keeps your skin quenched. Dry and stretching skin won’t scare you as you enjoy pregnancy bliss.

 How To Use

Step 1: Grab Babymama Stretch Marks Oil during pregnancy or post-pregnancy. Use roll-on to apply the oil on stretching skin. Make sure to cover your belly, buttocks, bust, thighs, and other stretching areas.

Step 2: Massage for a few seconds until oil gets absorbed.

Step 3: Soak in its goodness and relax.

Tip: Use Babymama Stretch Marks Oil two times every day starting from the 2nd trimester. Continue using the oil post-pregnancy for exemplary results.


Made In India 

Earliest Expiry : 05/2023

 Mfd by : Vistta Cosmetics, Khasra no. 457,

Nandpur Tehsil, Baddi Distt-Solan,

Himachal pradesh