Love Earth Under Eye-Gel.

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You are a very intelligent person if you are checking out our Love Earth Under-Eye Gel. Like just take the compliment! It is very important that we don’t forget every part of our skin when we are doing all the caring, honey!

With the growing years, we forget our skin loses its moisture and texture. But worry not. Love earth is here for you. 

Our product is completely gel-based and comes in a transparent colour. It is organic. It comes with a very fresh breezy cucumber feel that leaves your skin all nice and cool. It also reduces those ugly dark circles and takes away the puffiness because it is enriched with the benefits of aloe vera.


  • It helps create a shield against free radicals.
  • The real organic ingredients make it strong enough to act as armour against pollution and other pollutants.
  • The Aloe Vera reduces the swelling that we get as we constantly stare at our screens. It also moisturizes the dry skin around the eyes.
  • Cucumbers help as they have the ability to reduce swelling and puffiness of the skin.


Put it into the refrigerator before you use it. We assure you are going to fall in love with the cool and soothing feeling that you get upon application. So, if you’d like be sure to try. We recommend it because we have tried it ourselves.

Gentle Reminder

Before you start using a new product we suggest you do a basic Patch Test. 

  • To test your skin if you get any unexpected or unwanted reaction, take a little amount of the gel and apply it on a small part of your face. 
  • Do this every day for atleast a week, and observe the results consistently.
  • Check for blemishes, irritations, itching, any redness, or any breakouts across the skin’s plane.
  • If there is a sight of any of the above-stated reactions, don’t panic. Just clean your face with a gentle face wash and then follow up with your daily moisturizer. 
  • Also, make sure that you don’t put the gel in your eye by accident.
  • If in any case there is still any irritation, please make sure to see a dermatologist.
  • We are very sure of our product and that it will suit you, but your skin’s health is our priority.

Marketed By : Love Earth Pvt. Ltd. Delhi -110052

Earliest Expiry : 07/2024

Manufacturer Details : V.T.A

Mfg Lic : DL-374/A&U

  • Aqua
  • Aloe Vera
  • Cucumber Extract
  • Anti-Dark Circle Active
  • Gel Base
  • First, cleanse your face and pat it dry.
  • Do your regimes and wait for it to get absorbed.
  • Now pick your favorite Love Earth UNDER-EYE GEL.
  • Take a coin-sized amount for both eyes and make a thin layer under your eye.
  • Close your eyes and gently massage it onto your skin for atleast a minute.
  • This is the last product you’d use before you go to sleep, so don’t put anything on your skin after this.
  • Now just wake in the morning looking like your best beautiful self with fewer dark circles and no puffiness, you gorgeous DIVA!