Blue Liquid Eyeliner Matte Finish 5 ml
Recode Blue Eyeliner Liquid Matte Finish
Blue Liquid Eyeliner Matte Finish 5 ml
Buy Recode Blue Eyeliner Liquid Matte Finish

Blue Liquid Eyeliner Matte Finish 5 ml

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  • Description
  • Why Should You Use
  • Description
  • Get the eyes that speak about your style..!!

    This Recode blue Liquid Eyeliner gives your personality bold and beautiful eyes every day.

    Water-proof, smudge-proof,
    Intense color in one gliding stroke.
    It lasts up to 14 hours depending upon skin conditions.


    Made In India


    Earliest Expiry: 05/2024


    Manufacturer Details : 

    Maxima Solutions 

    SIDCUL,Pantnagar ( Uttarakhand) 263153


  • Why Should You Use

  • Why should you buy blue liquid eyeliner? 

    Because you should always add that extra touch of charm to your look every time, you are putting makeup on your face.  Your complete makeup looks pale when you are not completing your eye makeup. 

    For a bold and classy look, nothing can steal the charm of the intense color of the blue eyeliner is simply the best way to create a very bright and colorful look that can make your red carpet ready within a few seconds. 

    How do you apply Recode’s blue eyeliner with your makeup? 

    Recode’s blue eyeliner will look fascinating, especially when you are trying out bright eye colors like pink, brownish hue, orange, yellow, etc., from your eyeshadow palette. 

    As you are done with applying the primer and the eyeshadow tones, now it is time to finish it off with the perfect winged lines. Take the matte blue liquid eyeliner offered by Recode Studios and finish off with the charming look by drawing some lovely lines over the line of your eyelid, and you are done! Leave it for a few seconds to become dry. 

    What matte blue eyeliner of Recode has to offer you? 

    Recode Studios bring you an extensive range of lovely-looking blue eyeliner, which looks amazing when you apply it over your beautiful eyes. 

    The matte blue eyeliner dries out within a few seconds while leaving a very bold and beautiful color. At the same time, the liner that you get from us lasts for a long time so that you can rule the world in style for the whole day. It is smudge-free and waterproof; hence, there is nothing to worry about the runny makeup. All you need to do is apply the matte blue eyeliner to your eyes and put a pretty smile on your face, and you are ready to take on the world.