mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub (100 gm)

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An aromatic blend of Coffee and Coconut, this award-winning Coffee Body Scrub is a game changing body care product that’ll leave you hooked! The scrub exfoliates, removes tan, and reduces cellulite to reveal irresistibly smooth skin.

Reduces Cellulite

The Caffeine-rich Coffee Body Scrub reduces the appearance of cellulite and treats ingrown hair with regular use to leave you with smooth and even skin.

Exfoliates and Polishes

The Coffee Scrub gently exfoliates and polishes skin. With the perfect grain size to scrub away dull and dead skin, the body feels irresistibly soft and silky smooth right after first use.

Heavenly Aroma of Pure Coffee

The aroma of freshly ground Coffee beans elevates the senses, leaving you craving for more.


Made in India
Earliest Expiry: 08/2023

Manufactured by : L Cosmo H & P Care,
Unit No. 201, 202, Building No. A3/4, Prerna Complex , Val Village, Bhiwandi,
M.L. No: MH/102466

Pure Arabica Coffee


100% Pure Arabica Coffee exfoliates and polishes skin. It also reduces cellulite and ingrown hair.




Packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals, Caffeine evens tone and reduces tan.


Coconut Oil


A skincare favourite, Coconut Oil nourishes and moisturizes skin, leaving it smooth and soft.


Step 1

Scoop a spoonful of the Coffee Body Scrub and apply it on wet body.


Step 2

Gently scrub the body in circular motions to exfoliate and polish the skin.


Step 3

Rinse with warm water, pat dry and follow up with a moisturizer or body butter.