bm Babymama OH-SO Heavenly Whipped Body Butter Bliss
bm Babymama OH-SO Heavenly Whipped Body Butter Bliss
bm Babymama OH-SO Heavenly Whipped Body Butter Bliss
bm Babymama OH-SO Heavenly Whipped Body Butter Bliss

bm Babymama OH-SO Heavenly Whipped Body Butter Bliss

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Up with good news to share with us? Whoop it up and say loudly that you are PREGNANT! Well, the ineffable journey has just begun…Moms-to-be! Allow your happiness to shine through your skin. Make Babymama Body Butter your first port of call and say “HELLO PREGNANCY!” with a grin smile!

    Let the bliss of this potion overtake you as your little one’s smile gonna fill your heart

    Let the goodness of nature penetrate your skin, and rejoice as the magic sinks in.

    A great elixir for new moms & moms-to-be to include in their skincare regime, this concoction of naturally-derived butters smoothens out dry and stretching skin. The potion’s a HYDRATION BOMB for a reason. The body butter cream hydrates the deepest layers of the skin and makes skin soft without offering that nasty grease. Bonus points for keenly nourishing the skin!

    Rejoice as there’s only goodness inside! The luxe body butter for dry skin has the power of the 4 best butters for skin – Shea, Cocoa, Mango and Kokum. All work in synergy and bid farewell to even the driest skin.

    Reasons To <3 It

    • Hydrates and nourishes dry to very dry skin Naturally
    • Vegan & Cruelty Free
    • 100% Safe & Toxin Free
    • Soothes itchy, stretching skin

    Don’t Give In To Dry & Stretching skin

    Our Body butter cuts the mustard when it comes to hydrating and nourishing dry to very dry skin. The potion moisturizes with NO nasty greasy feeling. Patch test the skincare goodie. No irritation, itching, or redness? Slather on to quell dryness in no time!

    Magic Union

    4 body butters – Shea, Cocoa, Mango and kokum Butter working in synergy to offer you the softest and smoothest skin. Almost like a baby!

    When Butters Meet Oils

    Think marriage between nutrient-rich butters and moisturizing oils. End result? Soft skin with no itchiness or irritation! Plus, MORE hydration, MORE skin elasticity, MORE glow, LESS skin laxity, FEWER scars.

    Dry Skin Game Changer

    Have dry & rough skin like your toast? Not a problem anymore! Let your belly, buttocks, breasts, and other dry areas soak in the goodness of body butter cream that quells dryness like a pro.

    ZEN Out Itchy & Irritated Skin

    The antioxidant-rich butters and antibacterial oils in the magic skincare treat offer instant relief to itchy and irritated skin. You will hardly remember what itched you in the first place!

    How To Use Babymama Body Butter

    Step 1: Apply Babymama Body Butter to dry and itchy skin immediately after bath or on moist skin. You should also cover the stretching belly, breasts, buttocks, and other body parts that require nourishment.

    Step 2: Massage this natural body butter gently in circular motions and let it get absorbed fully into the skin.

    Step 3: Cherish the magical aroma and goodness with patience.

    Tip: Prolonged usage of this hydrating body butter can also help in reducing stretch marks when used alongside Babymama stretch marks oil.


    Made In India 

    Earliest Expiry : 05/2023

     Mfd by : Vistta Cosmetics, Khasra no. 457,

    Nandpur Tehsil, Baddi Distt-Solan,

    Himachal pradesh