Skinn And You - Amethyst Spiked Head Mini Roller.

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Our spiked head Amethyst roller stimulates your reflex points on the face and increases lymphatic flow. This allows the skin to absorb all nutrients effortlessly.

The gentle spiky grooves help prompt the skin to boost collagen production and relaxes the pressure points. The Spike Roller is much safer and more hygienic (easier to clean) than the derma rollers

100% natural and organic

Amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone which attracts positive energy while ridding your body away from any negative energy like stress, anxiety, fear, and depression
Our products are made with natural gemstones that are hand-cut and polished from the rough stone. We always pick the best quality stones, which naturally vary in color, size, and shape.

Made In P.R.C

Mfg By : Attune Marketing LLC, ludlow ave, Cincinnati Ohio