TNW Green Tea Face Wash (Grealmo) - Paraben/Sulphate-Free

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Skin faces a hard time due to the stressed-out lifestyle. Dullness, dirt, spots and flaws surface and become visible on the face. TNW has come up with a fantastic chemical-free green tea face wash for dry skin that clears the impurities, detoxifies, refreshes, deeply cleanse, ensuring glowing skin in no time. Enriched with the goodness of Green Tea and Almond, TNW Green Tea Facewash is a boon for dry skin. It is a natural, paraben and sulphate free face wash for dry skin that moisturizes the skin, kicks out the impurities and helps to minimize the visible pores. The unique blend of Almond Oil and Green Tea in TNW’s Grealmo green tea Facewash truly allows you to dive into flora. The healing features of its natural and eco-friendly ingredients are pretty appealing, making it the best face wash for dry skin. Green tea helps slow down oxidation, which protects the skin from sunburns and reduces the dark circles by helping cure puffy eyes. Likewise, the almond extracts nourish the skin and give it a natural glow while removing the dead skin cells. TNW Grealmo face wash for dry skin provides benefits of both green tea face wash and almond face wash clubbed as one.


  • Glowing & Moisturizing Face Wash for Dry Skin: This green tea face wash is an ideal face wash for dry skin. It helps to clear out impurities and dullness. It gently cleanses the dirt and reduces the excess number of pores from the skin, thereby decreasing pimples. It moisturizes skin effectively, gives it a smooth and glowing effect instead of drying the face after wash.
  • Chemical-Free Face Wash: It is a Paraben and Sulphate free natural green tea face wash for dry skin. As an organic face wash, it helps maintain a very efficient and safe skincare regime. The richness of unique natural ingredients makes it a power-packed face wash ideal for daily care.
  • Unisexual Face Wash: This rejuvenating face wash for dry skin deeply purifies the skin owing to the defensive properties against pollution. It is a unisexual face wash that can be used by both women and men as it precisely heals and hydrates men’s rough skin due to shaving and exposure to dirt and pollution.


  • Green Tea: Green Tea is a rich ingredient that helps remove the dirt and pollutants from the skin besides its efficient cleansing. It has cooling properties, which alleviate the skin from pimples and acne.
  • Almond Oil: Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E & D, which allows it to inhibit anti-oxidation qualities. It helps to keep the skin hydrated, making it less prone to acne.
  • Vitamin E, C: The presence of Vitamin E & C in TNW Grealmo Face Wash helps make the skin brighter and glowing. This face wash for dry skin also has Black seed that helps to condition the skin by making it soft and helps in reducing acne.
  • All Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium Laureth-5 Carboxylate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerine, Acrylates Copolymer, Almond Oil, Coco Diethanolamide, Triethanolamine, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E, Licorice Extract, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance.


  • Apply on wet skin, gently massage in a circular motion, and rinse it well then pat dry. 
  • Made in India

    Earliest Expiry: 02/2023

    Manufactured by :  Maxwell Pharma

    Industrial Plot No. 6 & 7, Sector 5, Parwanoo, Solan, Himachal Pradesh 173220