TNW Oats Scrub - Polishing Scrub For Face & Body (Natural & Chemical-free)

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Oats are one the favorite breakfast cereals as it is very beneficial for a healthy diet. But its benefits are not restricted to the diet as it offers holistic skin benefits as well. Therefore, The Natural Wash presents a natural and organic skincare product Oat Scrub, a mild body scrub for the entire body. Other than exfoliation, it also acts as an organic toner, which brightens up the skin quickly. As the name stands, Oat Scrub – it's a natural cleanser that blends various age-old ingredients known as skin's food in Ayurveda. As a face scrub it moisturizes the face as well as body and removes all the dead skin cells from the skin. Oats help to keep skin hydrated, thus reducing inflammation. This oats body scrub helps to undo all the damages done by the lifestyle changes and pollution. It soothes every type of sunburn, tanning, and pigmentation and helps close the skin's open pores. TNW Oat Scrub is the best option for pre-bridal skincare at home as it works as a face scrub and body polisher, too. It creates a protective shield around the body by scrubbing out all the impurities, making skin flawless - fulfilling every bride-to-be desires. It is a unisexual product, and its chemical-free all-natural formula makes it suitable for all skin type.

Benefits of TNW Oat Scrub

Gives Mild Exfoliation

This mild Oat Scrub is rich in natural ingredients that help exfoliate the skin. As a face scrub, it acts as a toner for the face and body owing to its anti-oxidant properties. Thus, it naturally and gradually takes away all the flaws of the skin.

Oil-Absorbing Skin Polisher

TNW Oat Scrub is the perfect face scrub - a natural skin polisher that absorbs the excess oil from the skin and prevents it from inflammation and acne. While reducing the pores, it also exfoliates the skin by eliminating the dirt and pollutants from it.

Chemical-free & Safe

TNW Oat Scrub cleanser uses natural ingredients; hence it is an entirely chemical-free body scrub. Its application, therefore, is gentle and prevents skin from any side effects and irritation. Formulated with Oats, Rice powder, Neem and other organic ingredients make it safe and suitable body scrub, including sensitive areas such as the armpit, under-thigh etc.

key Features


None of our products has been tested on animals. All our products are cruelty-free.


No Harmful chemical is used in the formation of this product. It is completely (preservatives-free) Paraben-Free.

100 % Natural

All the ingredients used in our products are completely pure and natural.



Made in India

Earliest Expiry: 02/2023

Manufactured by :Maxwell Pharma

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