TNW Steam Distilled Pure Rose Water - (Free from Artificial Fragrance & Alcohol)

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The Natural Wash presents a power-packed product that allows us to dive into the flora i.e. TNW Steam Distilled Pure Rose water, a pure ancient gulab jal presented in a modern form. This natural rose water is in its purest form as it is made with an ancient technique of steam distillation. And this distilled rose water is specially produced using the fine roses picked directly from the rose fields. It is multipurpose rose water as it can be used as a face toner, facial mist, and base for packs and as a makeup remover. To retain the purity of the Rose Water (gulab jal), TNW employs the same technique of steam distillation, which was used in ancient times to produce the Rose Water. This is as efficacious as the nectar for our body. It helps soothe the skin and make it glowing naturally. TNW’s basic idea behind its production is to offer the goodness of Rose water available in its purest form and use it as a healer for a wide range of skin related ailments. It comes in a spray bottle, too, to make it a handy face mist or toner that allows you to refresh your skin anytime anywhere.

Benefits Of Steam Distilled Pure Rose Water

Toxin-free Alcohol-Free

TNW Rose Water is a Alcohol-free pure rosewater stimulates the skin cells and helps in various skin issues like acne, pimples, rashes, and irritation. Can be used as base of all TNW packs.

Tones up the skin

It has antioxidant properties that soothe the skin and keep it hydrated. It tones up the skin pores gives glowing skin. It also removes makeup effectively.

Maintains pH Level

This all rounder rosewater maintains the pH level of our skin and boosts the function of collagen, which balances the amount of oil on our skin. This makes it a wonderful facial-mist for all skin types.

Purest form of Rose Water

To make this pure rosewater with an ancient way of steam distillation, the purest essence is collected. To get the extract of real roses finest fresh roses are selected direct from the fields.

key Features

No Artificial Fragrance

This product is free from any artificial fragrance. It has natural fragrance of real roses.


No harmful chemical is used in the formation of this product. It is completely Paraben -Free.


No harmful toxic ingredients are used in this product. It contains natural & pure ingredients.


Made in India

Earliest Expiry:01/2023

Manufactured by : TNW International PVT. LTD.

                  Brand: A-92 Group Wazirpur, New Delhi-110052