TNWTalc-Free Natural Baby Powder With Calendula And Avocado To Prevent Rashes

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When choosing the product for our baby, we need everything beyond goodness. Baby’s soft and delicate skin requires utmost by without compromising on the quality. TNW-The Natural Wash presents Baby Powder with talc-free formula that is safe to use for babies. This baby powder has a quick absorbing property that soaks-in moisture and keeps baby’s skin dry for a long time. Infused with natural ingredients corn starch, arrowroot powder, aloe vera powder, oat corn, Vitamin E, and calendula, this baby powder has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents diaper rashes by reducing the friction against the skin, keeps infection at bay while making skin soft and supple. It is suitable for babies and kids between 0-10 years. 

With a blend of all-natural ingredients, this baby powder for kids is safe to use. It has a quick-absorbing formula that keeps skin dry for a long time. This baby powder is suitable for kids between 0-10 years.


Quickly Absorbs Moisture: With quick-absorbing properties, TNW Baby Powder adequately soaks ins moisture while making skin dry.

Prevents Diaper Rashes: This baby powder keeps the baby’s delicate skin soft, supple, and dry with its quick absorbing properties. It also reduces friction against the skin to prevent diaper rashes.

Promotes Soft & Healthy Skin: With a blend of natural ingredients, this talc-free baby powder improves the overall texture of your skin, leaving it soft and healthy. It also helps to maintain the natural pH balance of your baby’s skin.

Natural Formula: Curated with a blend of natural.

Arrowroot Powder & Oat Corn: With arrowroot powder and oat corn, TNW Baby Powder help to improve the texture of baby’s delicate and sensitive skin by making it soft & supple. Both these ingredients absorb excess oil by soothing skin irritation, inflammation, rashes, and skin sores. They also help to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance.


 Corn Starch & Aloe Vera Powder: With anti-inflammatory properties, both corn starch and aloe vera powder reduces the chances of infections. They help to prevent diaper rashes by reducing the friction against skin.


Vitamin E Acetate & Calendula: With wonderful healing and calming properties, this talc-free baby powder promotes healthy and soft skin.

Sprinkle powder on your palm and gently apply to baby’s face and body. It is recommended to use after bath, before bedtime and after every diaper change.