Eyeliner is a makeup essential that can make your eyes pop and add a touch of elegance to your look. Among the various eyeliner options, matte eyeliners have gained immense popularity for their velvety finish. In this guide, we'll explore the top matte eyeliners available in India for 2023.

Why Choose Matte Eyeliner:

Matte eyeliners offer a distinct charm compared to their glossy counterparts. Their pigmented, non-reflective finish provides a subtle yet bold look. They're perfect for daily wear and can also be a great addition to your party makeup kit.

Factors to Consider:

When shopping for the perfect matte eyeliner, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  1. Pigmentation: Look for eyeliners that offer rich, intense pigmentation. This ensures your eyeliner stands out and stays vibrant throughout the day.
  2. Staying Power: A good matte eyeliner should be smudge-proof and long-lasting. You don't want your eyeliner to smudge or fade, especially during long days or special events.
  3. Ease of Application: Consider the applicator type. Some prefer liquid liners with fine brush tips, while others opt for pencil liners for ease of use.

Top 5 Matte Eyeliners in India for 2023:

1. Recode Matte Black Eyeliner (3.5 ml): This classic black matte eyeliner from Recode Studios offers intense pigmentation and all-day wear.

 2. Recode Matte Blue Eyeliner (2.5 ml): For a pop of color, try the matte blue eyeliner by Recode Studios. It's perfect for creating unique eye looks.  

3. Matte White Liquid Eyeliner: Achieve a stunning and dramatic look with this matte white liquid eyeliner. It's ideal for special occasions.
4. Recode Pink Matte Eyeliner (2.50 ml): Add a touch of femininity to your eyes with the pink matte eyeliner from Recode Studios

5. Purple Matte Liquid Eyeliner: Experiment with a playful yet elegant look using this purple matte liquid eyeliner.

How to Apply Matte Eyeliner Perfectly:

Applying matte eyeliner can be a breeze with the right technique:

  1. Prepare Your Eyelids: Start with clean, dry eyelids. You can apply eyeshadow before eyeliner if desired.
  2. Choose Your Style: Decide on your eyeliner style - whether it's a classic line or a dramatic wing.
  3. Apply Carefully: Use short strokes for precision. Begin from the inner corner and work your way out.
  4. Smudge-Proof Finish: Let the eyeliner dry completely to ensure it's smudge-proof.


Choosing the right matte eyeliner can elevate your makeup game, and the options for 2023 offer exciting choices. Whether you prefer classic black, bold colors, or unique shades, these eyeliners are designed to help you achieve the perfect matte finish. Make your eyes the center of attention with these fabulous matte eyeliners.

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