Experimenting with kajal can be fun. Every girl likes to use kajal in their eyes. Black kohl can turn out your look unique. Kajal and kohl are essential parts of eye makeup. Even though many fashion gurus say kajal is out of fashion now, we can assure you that there are girls out there who didn't step out without using kajal.

A black kajal can give you a unique look. But the main problem here is the same way of applying kajal. If you are using kajal in the same old way, then it can spoil your whole look.

For a good look, you have to try kajal in another way. So if you are tired of applying kajal the same way, then read it out. Here we will tell you some fantastic eye kajal looks that is perfect for every type of girl and makeup.

8 Kajal look for girls

1. Basic kajal 

It is one of the most common but underrated looks of kajal. In the basic kajal look, you have to apply a thin line of black kohl in your upper lash line and lower lash line. Like this, it is an effortless look to try. If you are in a hurry, you can try out this look because it takes a maximum of 2 minutes.

2. Upper lash line

If you want a formal look, then you can try out this look. You don't have to do much for this look. You have to apply kohl in your upper lash line, and you are good to go. Try out this in your eyes if you are wearing any formal dress. Also, you don't have to apply anything on the lower lash line in this look.

3. Lower lash line 

It is an effortless look. You can try out this look if you want to go for minimal because you don't have to add anything in your upper lash line. You have to apply a thin line of kohl to your lower lash line. The look is quite popular, and every girl can try out this look.

4. Smoky eyes 

For this look, you need solid eye makeup. So apply kajal in your upper lash line, then rub the eyelid with the help of some petroleum jelly. This way, you can create super smoky eyes. Most of the girls love this look. So you can try out this look by using your black kajal pencil.

5. Stark eyes 

If you want all your focus on eye makeup, try out this look. First, you have to apply white eyeshadow in the lower and upper lash line in this look. Then you have to apply kajal in both the lower and upper lash lines. Remember, the line has to be thick and angular.

6. Gothic makeup

It is a heavy look. So try out this look if you are attending any function. In this look, you have to apply a thick line of kohl. You have to use a black eyeshadow with this kajal look. This look makes your eyes look beautiful. This look adds a lot of drama to your eyes.

7. Winged eyes 

This look is coming back to fashion again. You have to apply kajal in the upper lash line and pull it to a little higher in your eyes. It is the same way that we use winged eyeliner. This look can be your next favorite if you try out this look.

8. Thick dark kohl

You must notice that some girls love to wear dark kajal. So this one is also a very quick way to try something new. You have to run your kajal pencil two to three times to dark your eyes in this look.