Turning Heads Black Crayon Gel Eyeliner Cum Kajal Pencil 1.20 gms
Turning Heads Black Crayon Gel Eyeliner Cum Kajal Pencil 1.20 gms
Turning Heads Black Crayon Gel Eyeliner Cum Kajal Pencil 1.20 gms
Turning Heads Black Crayon Gel Eyeliner Cum Kajal Pencil 1.20 gms
Turning Heads Black Crayon Gel Eyeliner Cum Kajal Pencil 1.20 gms
Turning Heads Black Crayon Gel Eyeliner Cum Kajal Pencil 1.20 gms

Turning Heads Black Crayon Gel Eyeliner Cum Kajal Pencil 1.20 gms

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  • Description
  • Turning Heads Blue Crayon Gel Eyeliner Cum Kajal Pencil 1.20 gms

    Crayon Gel Eyeliner Cum Kajal-1.20 gms

    When in doubt, wing it out!

    Brush up your eyes with a bold Blue, color splash, and get ready to embrace your inner rock star!

    Water-proof, smudge-proof,

    Intense color in one gliding stroke.

    It lasts up to 14 hours depending upon skin conditions.

    Perfect for applying on top & bottom of eyes as a gel liner.

  • How to use
  • 1.Apply on your lids and lower lash line, and quickly blend with the built-in smudger until you reach your desired bold look for a perfect day & night out 

    2. Can also be used as a base for creating a bold black smoky eyes

    Get any look you want with Recode Studios' next-generation black gel eyeliner

    Redefine your entire application of black gel eyeliner with Recode studios. Applying eyeliners can be a tedious job for some of us. But it is no more.

    Recode Studios brings you a life-changing solution to all your eyeliner applying problems. For all those, who love applying eyeliner, choose Recode Studio's waterproof gel kajal to revamp a new experience.

    Our easy-to-use black gel eyeliner can be applied on the go. You don't need to spend hours in the mirror to get a perfect shape.

    Gets hands-on unique black gel eyeliner from Recode Studios

    All one needs is a good shot at getting their preferred eyeliner shape. Thus, Recode studios bring you the gel kajal to make you're getting ready routine less frustrating and easy. The most affordable gel eyeliner pencil from Recode studios gives smooth strokes. It features pigmented hues which can bring a metallic finish.

    Our waterproof gel kajal is one of the must-haves in your daily dose of makeup. Recode studios also bring a plethora of different shades to match your moods. You only need a blue kajal pencil to make a strong statement. Our pink kajal pencil will bring preppy to you in the most beautiful manner possible. And last but not least, be funky, quirky, and bold with Recode Studios black eyeliner.

    Witness fresh liner experience every time with Recode Studios gel kajal

    Eyeliners often make the eyes feel heavy after regular application. But, that's not the case with Recode studios gel eyeliner pencil, as it comes with a lightweight solution. You can comfortably apply it to your eyes. You won't even feel there is something.

    You can completely redefine the application of eyeliner. Our seamless formula-based black eyeliner must be your next choice.

    Recode studios black gel eyeliner gives you complete freedom to apply the eyeliner of your choice. You can glide any shapes or patterns you want with it. It makes you the artist with its highly functional handle. You can go as dramatic as you like with it.

    If you want to make a retro look, you will be amazed by the flexibility of our gel eyeliner pencil. The same seamless application, no matter what look you go for. Create a wing or a smokey eye; everything is possible with Recode Studios gel kajal pencil.

    Sign up for smudge resistant and waterproof experience with our black gel eyeliner

    Today, modern women need something that lasts longer and requires fewer touch-ups, as who has the time for it. Therefore, we bring you waterproof gel kajal, which will remain intact for straight 14 hours with the same metallic finish.

    Recode Studios brings the option to be experimental with your look. Be free to choose our green eyeliner cum kajal to justify your emerald outfits. Also, opt for our brown eyeliner cum kajal to stand out in the crowd with your look.

    Women love new makeup trends, and Recode Studios gives you complete freedom to create the trend. We believe in making versatile sketch pen eyeliner. The eyes will have a splash of black and bold colours to get fashion ready. You only need one glide from Recode Studio's gel kajal to make your day appealing.

    Our ultra-creamy black eyeliner gives a flawless and precise application in just one gliding. The applicator is so handy that you can't make any mistakes. You can never go wrong with our waterproof gel kajal.

    Choose to be a total diva with Recode Studios' glossy gel kajal pencil

    Recode studios give you a chance to ditch traditional ways to apply eyeliner. Our high-performing black gel eyeliner brings you the best fast-dry matte finish. You can sketch any pattern with its precise applicator. Choose to be an absolute diva with Recode Studios' extra-intense pigmented hues.

    The ease is not only in the application but also in removing the eyeliner. No flaky or extra rubbing is required. One swipe of makeup remover is enough to get your eyes evenly cleaned. Gone are the days when you have to hurt your eyes to get rid of eyeliner. Recode studios will ease the entire experience of the application of gel kajal.

    Splash black gel eyeliner from Recode and be a diva every time. The whole application of eyeliner will become effortless. Choose a luminous and matte finish from Recode Studios over any other.

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  • Made in Germany

    Earliest Expiry : 11/2023

    Manufacturer Details :

    Schwan Cosmetics Germany GmbH & Co. KG

    Heroldsberg, Germany

    Imported & Marketed By :Lush Looks

    New Delhi -28

    RC No- COS-001219