Black Kohl Kajal Pencil - All That She Wants Eye Pencil 1.20 gms

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When in doubt, wing it out!

Brush up your eyes with bold black, and color splash and get ready to embrace your inner rock star!

Water-proof, smudge-proof,
Intense color in one gliding stroke.

It lasts up to 14 hours depending upon skin conditions.

Perfect for applying on the waterline.


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Lush Looks

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1.Sharpen the tip of the pencil from time to time. A blunt tip will give you thicker lines.


2.Glide That Kajal On. Start by applying the kajal to your lower waterline to make it look prominent.


3.Layer It Up.  Apply generous coats depending on the way you like it so your eyes are well defined. For smaller eyes, focus primarily on the outer corners. It instantly opens up your eyes and makes them look bigger.


4.Tight line That Upper Waterline.  Line the upper waterline using your kajal pencil.


5.Now You’re good to go !

Why should you use a Kohl kajal pencil?

Indian women have the most expressive, attractive, and beautiful eyes. And when they are adorned with the black kajal, that further enhances their elegance of eyes. Kohl Kajal pencil is utilized for the waterline and also as eyeliner to embellish stunning eyes for weddings, or special occasions, or even for everyday use. Kajal pencil is a must-have makeup for every Indian woman.

While powder, gel, and liquid eyeliners are certainly common, if you prefer an intense finish, Kohl black eye liner is something worth using. It is soft enough to use and smudge for more dramatic, and smokey eye looks.

Create a bold look with Recode’s Kajal Pencil

This smudge-proof Kohl kajal pencil from Recode Studios is so smooth on the eyes and dries out fast. If you use contact lenses or have sensitive eyes, this one is undoubtedly for you. Also, the dark black colour of Kohl black eye liner looks quite attractive on the eyes. Brush up your eyes with a colour splash, bold black kajal, and get prepared to adopt your inner rock star. Recode kajal is water-proof and lasts up to 14 hours. It is excellent for use on your waterline.

Our kajal liner is famous for its smudge-free formula and super black colour. It is liked by most girls for special occasions or even everyday makeup. The easy blend-ability and rich colour allow you to generate bold, subtle, and statement looks.

Kajal pencil from Recode works best in a humid and hot climate and provides the final matte look. Recode's Kohl kajal pencil is soft, and it glides on flawlessly. There is no need of tugging or pulling the skin, and you can get an attractive and stunning appearance with ease.

Why should you buy a Kajal pencil from Recode?

Recode Studiosoffer you a broad range of Kohl black eye liner that looks wonderful and bold on any of the skin tones. It is safest to utilize it on your eyes. Recode kajal is outstanding for creating smokey eye makeup or dramatic eye makeup look and so on. Plus, our kajal does not cause any irritation in the eyes in any manner. It is smudge-proof, non-messy, long-lasting, and easy to use.

We offer the best quality makeup items at a reasonable price at your doorstep. We assist you with effortless purchasing of the kohl kajal liner that you can effortlessly find on our website. Also, there are extensive choices from where you can select the best one that suits you better.


Made in Germany

Earliest Expiry : 11/2023

Manufacturer Details :

Schwan Cosmetics Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Heroldsberg, Germany