Beauty Concealer, Colour Corrector & Contour Palette - 52 Gms
Beauty Concealer, Colour Corrector & Contour Palette - 52 Gms
Beauty Concealer, Colour Corrector & Contour Palette - 52 Gms
Beauty Concealer, Colour Corrector & Contour Palette - 52 Gms
Recode Beauty Concealer, Colour Corrector & Contour Palette

Beauty Concealer, Colour Corrector & Contour Palette - 52 Gms

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  • Description
  • Why Should You Use
  • Description
  • Contour Palette, Corrector & Concealer - 15 Shades

    Ace of Base

    High Coverage

    Recode Studios Correct & Conceal Palette is the secret to a flawless complexion. It is the ultimate professional makeup tool that amazingly erases dark circles, uneven skin tone, redness or blemishes, or even scars. The creamy and creaseless formulation blends into your skin to give you a natural finish.

    Each palette shade helps to conceal, color-correct, sculpt and brighten your skin. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used individually or combined together to customize your perfect match!

    • Correct and Conceal Palette
    • Creamy and delicate consistency
    • Used as a corrector for the darkness of the face
    • Creaseless formulation
    • Used for full coverage with a very thin layer
    • Conceals all skin problems

    Mktd By: Recode Studios Pvt. Ltd. Ludhiana-141012.,       

    Mfg. by: Morbue Cosmetics, Gujarat- M.L. No: GC/1728

    Earliest Expiry: 04/25

    Made In India

  • Why Should You Use
  • Look Glam and Fab with Recode Studios Beauty Concealer and Contour Palette

    Finding the right contour kit can be difficult, especially with matching your skin tone. Contouring is a very important part of doing makeup cause the process brings out the toned lines of your face. 

    Thus, Recode Studios brings you the best makeup products, such as concealer and contour palette, exclusively made by a bunch of cosmetic experts. 

    What Can You Get From Our Best Contour Palette?

    Contouring is the method of defining facial features to make them stand out and give a beautiful shape to the face. Our color corrector palette has multiple shades that match the skin tone. You can mix and match to achieve the desired look.

    You can also apply our best contour palette on your nose, cheekbone, jawline, and forehead. It will help highlight the best features of your face and give an even texture to the skin. Our contour palette provides depth to your face, making it more gorgeous and youthful.

    Why Use Recode Studios’ Contour Palette?

    Our concealer and corrector palette helps in sculpting your face. The contour kit comes with assorted shades that you can play and experiment with so that you can go for a different look every time.

    Recode Studios’ makeup corrector palette will help you achieve the perfect look you have always dreamt of and make your skin look natural and proportionately blended.

    If you want to enhance the best features of your face, then our best contour palette is your one-stop solution. We offer different types of contour palettes depending on your taste and needs. You can either go for a crème or powder-based contour palette.

    Our color corrector palette will help you achieve a professional finish, and the results will marvel at everyone. To get a seamless look, use it to enhance the bone structure of your face. Not only will this best makeup concealer make your face structure more defined, but it will also give you the desired features without any cosmetic surgery!

    How to Use Our Contour Palette?

    Start your makeup base with a primer. You can choose our face primer for oily and dry skin to get evenly moisturized skin. It will also make your entire makeup look flawless.

    The next step is to use a foundation. It is the base of your makeup, so spread it evenly to avoid a cakey look and blend in thoroughly. Use Recode beauty concealer for an evenly matched skin tone.

    Now comes the time for contouring. Our contour kit will highlight the best features of your face. Start by marking the shadowed regions of your face like the cheekbones, chin, forehead, and nose with our beauty concealer. Draw straight lines from the inner to the outer parts of your face.

    Now that the base is all set, time to pop those beautiful eyes. Brighten your eyes by covering all the dark circles and under-eye marks with a concealer and corrector palette. The lightweight formula will have a feathery feel on your skin.

    Once you have marked, blend everything in to make it look even. You can use your fingers to blend our beauty concealer or different makeup brushes to blend.

    Go for the desired look with a stroke of Recode eyeliner and mascara. Finish your makeup with a pigmented blush and lipstick. It’s that easy! Stun everyone with your popping makeup and be the star of any occasion with Recode’s color corrector palette. 

    Always remove your makeup before hitting the sheets for healthy skin. Hence, go on for Recode Studio's bi-phase makeup remover that constructively removes all products from your face. It has a two-in-one formula consisting of a water and oil base that effectively cleanses your face and removes waterproof makeup. 

    Your skin will become baby soft after cleansing, and it will also give a refreshed look. The lightweight liquid effortlessly removes all makeup so that you don’t have to spend long hours before going to bed.

    How to Perfect Your Contouring Skills with Our Best Contour Palette?

    The best way to perfect your contouring skills is to experiment. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, you can reach professional levels by mixing and matching, and our color corrector palette brings out the best in you. 

    It will help you understand what best suits you. Our multi-colored concealer and corrector palette gives you several combinations that you can choose according to your skin tone.

    We recommend going two shades darker than your natural complexion while contouring. You can go higher than two shades depending on your desired look and skin tone to create depth and definition.

    Use our makeup corrector palette to remove all the imperfections and get a seamless makeup look. You can use different brushes to cover different areas of your face. It will give you a more even-toned finish.

    Another way to achieve the perfect flawless look is to use Recode Studios face serum for glowing skin. It will naturally brighten your skin, giving your contour more definition and highlighting the best features.

    Why Choose Recode’s, Contour Kit?

    At Recode, we make the best contour palettes to get you the ultimate professional look for every occasion. With our concealer and corrector palette, you won’t see any dark circles or blemishes on your skin.

    Our best makeup concealer magically conceals every imperfection without leaving a mark! No matter how stubborn your skin problem is, they won’t stand a chance with our makeup corrector palette. The lightweight formula of our beauty concealer palette enhances and brightens your skin, giving it a natural finish.

    And the best part is that our concealer and corrector palette is suitable for every skin type! It will cover all the redness and scars on your skin. You can also use it as a makeup corrector palette to cover uneven skin tone and darkness on your face.

    The creaseless formulation of our best contour palette will give a smooth appearance without giving a cakey look. It only requires a thin layer to get full coverage giving a brightened and refreshed look.

    We strive to offer the best quality beauty products at an affordable price. Our wide range of makeup corrector palettes comes in a variety of shades to suit your skin tone and look. They also include our best makeup concealer

    Our color corrector palette price complements its quality ingredients and efficiency in making your skin look flawless and your makeup pop. Recode beauty concealer comes in 15 shades at an affordable price.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Dimple sankhla
    Great product amazing palate

    Great product and amazing palate so pigmented I like your packaging and thank you for the gift

    Madhuri Kalyan

    Good product but feel that price is a bit high. Apart from that product serves the purpose and it smells good

    Kavita Verma

    Beauty Concealer, Colour Corrector & Contour Palette - 52 Gms

    Rajni bajaj

    Beauty Concealer, Colour Corrector & Contour Palette - 52 Gms

    Kartika Baliyan Baliyan
    Beauty concelar, colour corrector & contour palatte

    This one is the bestest palate I have ever purchased., So pigmented works wonderfully blends like butter & gives natural finish. Perfect for all skin type