Application of sindoor after the wedding is part of our culture. For centuries, women have applied sindoor after their marriage. However, sindoor is a traditional thing. But it can elaborate your look if you wear it in the right way.

You can look fabulous by just wearing a sindoor, so if you are a newlywed bride and find it tough to apply for sindoor. Then we have some suggestions for you. Here we are going to take through a guide. In this, we will tell you how you can style your sindoor in a ten-way.

Way to apply sindoor perfectly

1. Minimal stain 

After the wedding, there were so many functions organized, and the bride attended them. So if you are in confusion about how to apply sindoor in these functions, then we got you.

You can go with minimal stain. In this, you have to put less amount of sindoor. Your look turns out to a subtle and straightforward.

2. The thin line 

The newly web women to show off their marital statuses apply a thin line of sindoor. It is minimal but has a classy appeal. A thin line is drawn by using the maroon liquid sindoor brush.

So you can apply a thin line if you want to go for minimal. This way is famous between married women.

3. The Bengali smudge 

If you want to feel royal, then go for Bengali smudge. This way of applying sindoor going viral on social media recently.

So if you want to look classy sindoor, then apply sindoor in a Bengali way. Most of the Bengali brides wear sindoor this way.

4. The OTT way

This way is all about going loud. It is popular among women. In this way, you have to do a hair partition and apply a sindoor in between the partition.

If you are going for the OTT way, consider your hairstyle as the bun. You can get a lot of attention after going for this look.

5. Getting the sweet spot 

This way of applying sindoor is neither minimal nor loud. It is about applying sindoor in the sweet part of the forehead. 

This look is best for the festival out and after the wedding. You can make a bun after applying sindoor this type.

6. Pair with bindi

You can also look best if you put sindoor with a bindi. You can wear sindoor with a red and black bindi. If you like to put a bindi on the forehead, you can go for this look.

Even bride colours like pink, red, orange look good with this look.

7. Accessorize sindoor

If you want to style your sindoor more, then try to accessorize it. You have to put a silver bindi with sindoor.

This way of putting sindoor is famous in old times. This style is not that famous nowadays but go for it if you like it.

8. Centre of the forehead

This way is popular in Maharashtra and south India. You have to put a sindoor on the forehead like a bindi in this style.

You can also put some turmeric with sindoor. Go for this look if you do not like to put sindoor in the usual place.

9. Keep it simple

You can pair sindoor with simple makeup. Like, go for smoky eyes with bold red lips. It is a simple yet prettiest way to look good. 

Go for simple if you don't like to style much. Do makeup according to your choice and wear sindoor in the usual way.

10. Use colours 

You can get sindoor in different shades like maroon liquid sindoor, blood red and orange. So choose the colour according to your complex.

Use blood red if you are a fairer woman, and use an orange tangerine outfit with an orange sindoor.