Eyeliner plays a vital role in makeup. You can make your makeup look very experimental and colorful by using colorful eyeliner. And if we talk about colorful eyeliner, then they are the thing that girls like nowadays.

You can get blue, yellow, green & black eyeliner. Yellow eyeliner is the popular one among them. You can apply yellow eyeliner in many ways. You can use it as graphic eyeliner or make a wing eyeliner.

The yellow eyeliner looks never goes out of style. And if you are going with the same black one, it's time to change. Choose the right yellow eyeliner and get started with the following looks.

How to apply yellow eyeliner 

First Look

Apply eyeliner on the upper lashes

You have to apply your yellow eyeliner in just the upper lashes in this look. You can go with this look at parties or shopping. The look is perfect for everything. So if you are going to a beach party, consider yellow eyeliner.

It is a simple yet classy look. So when in confusion, try out this look.

Second look 

Apply yellow eyeliner in the lower lashes

It is also a simple trick to look good. You have to apply eyeliner to just your lower lashes. This look will add a lot of drama to your face. The pop of color on your face will give you an elegant look.

Go for this look if you are going to a party. You can rock with this look.

Third look

Apply on waterline 

Although we used to apply kajal in the waterline, some new trend shows that using eyeliner in the waterline also elaborates. Try out this look if you are starting with color eyeliners.

It is a very experimental look so go for this if you are sure about it.

Fourth look 

Inner and outer corner 

If you want a dramatic look, then try out this look. You have to apply eyeliner in the outer corner and inner corner in this method. And leave the middle portion without eyeliner.

This look will add color to the inner and outer corners. Go for this look if you are confused and want to try something new. The look is ideal for outgoing.

Fifth look

Two eyeliner look 

For this look, you have to use two eyeliners. You can take black eyeliner with yellow eyeliner. You have to use liquid eyeliner for this. Apply regular black eyeliner and then apply yellow eyeliner above the black eyeliner.

If you are getting ready for the evening part, try this look. It will add glam to your look. If you don't want to add black eyeliner, you add blue or green eyeliner.


Eyeliner is an essential part of eye makeup. Using colorful eyeliner is the trend in recent times. A lot of makeup influencers are trying out yellow eyeliner. You can apply yellow eyeliner in many ways. Here we explain 5 ways to apply yellow eyeliner. Go through the guide to know more.