There are so many ways to wear eyeliner, such as smoldering, dark, fresh, or bright. Wearing eyeliner helps you to convey your mood. Also, you can find various eyeliner colors to style with your eyes. Let’s explore iconic eyeliner looks for different colors.

Creating Eye Makeup Looks with Different Eyeliner Colors

Let’s take a look at the iconic eyeliner makeup looks using different eyeliner colors, including:

1. Thick and thin

Try adding two different lines of matte black eyeliner below and above your eyes. Add a packed line on the top and a light line at the bottom of the eyes. You can create this look using the Recode Matte Black Eyeliner Liquid.

2. Brighten the Waterline

If you have tired eyes, use white liquid eyeliner on the inner waterline to brighten your look. For this fresh look, get the Recode White Eyeliner Liquid Matte Finish. 

3. Royal blue

Use blue liquid eyeliner to experiment with your eyeliner look. You can make the line thin or thick according to preference. Recode Blue Liquid Eyeliner Matte Finish is the perfect color to wear in the waterline.

4. Inner and outer

Fill the inner and outer eye corners using purple liquid eyeliner to create a stunning look. You can also use yellow eyeshadow to contrast your look with Recode Purple Eyeliner Liquid Matte Finish.

5. Go green 

Green liquid eyeliner offers a unique look for any occasion. You can wear the Recode Green Eyeliner Liquid Matte Finish over your eyelids.

6. Neon flick

Use neon colors like yellow eyeliner with a slanted brush to get the perfect flick at the end. It will help you create a creative and abstract look. Opt for the Recode Yellow Eyeliner Liquid Matte Finish to recreate this cool look.

7. Graphic wings

The blue turquoise eyeliner is perfect for creating a spectacular look. You can get this look by adding a precise line along your crease using a black liner. Trace it with Recode Blue Turquoise Eyeliner Liquid Matte Finish to create wings.

8. Multi-colored muse

Try different hues of green on the top and bottom of your eyes. Use the Recode New Green Eyeliner Liquid Matte Finish and wear a darker tone on the top and lighter on the bottom. You can also use other colors like red, yellow, and blue with new green eyeliner.

9. Baby wings

To get this look, connect your top, and bottom brown eyeliner look with a small flick on the outer corner. You can use the Recode Brown Eyeliner Liquid Matte Finish for a long-lasting look. 

10. Double-up 

You can use matte pink eyeliner for this look. However, this look is not easy to pull off. The Recode Eyeliner Matte Pink is smudge-proof, making it perfect for achieving this look.

11. Bronze strike

Get a bronze eyeliner for an unexpected eyeliner look. You can wear the water-proof Recode Shimmer Bronze Eyeliner Liquid to elevate any makeup look.

Matching Eyeliner Colors with Eye Colors

Choosing the right color of eyeliner according to your eye color can enhance your eye make. Here is the list of eyeliner that matches the following eye color, including:

Blue eyes

For blue eyes, you should go for an earthy tone like bronze. You can also contrast your eyeliner look using navy blue and gray color eyeliner. 

Brown eyes

Opt for the shades like deep purple, brown, and bronze if you have brown eyes. You can also try black eyeliner to get a sharp and sleek look.

Hazel eyes

These eyes are a combo of green and brown eyes. You can try using purple, blue, and green for a rich look.

Gray eyes

Soft brown and taupe eyeliner colors for gray eyes create a subtle look. You can also intensify your look with deep purple and steel blue eyeliner. 

Green eyes

Go for complementary shades like deep green, purple, and plum to enhance your green eyes. For stunning effects, choose gold, brown, and bronze eyeliner.