Kohl Kajal pencil is something most ladies utilize every day to work on their visual perception, yet this thing isn't new, ladies from Egypt, Africa, and the Center East followed this practice sometime in the past to shield themselves from dirt, and to improve their eyes and to shield them from the sunlight. Yet, these days it is utilized for its corrective purposes and it additionally comes in various styles like kajal pencil, fluid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, kohl box, and so forth Become amazing at applying kohl appropriately, here are a few hints for you that can help you:

Step by step instructions to Apply kohl kajal pencil Appropriately 

Applying kohl kajal pencil can be hard for some as it must be on the right track to look great. Messy or lopsided lines can make your eyes look terrible and ruin. That is the reason it turns out to be vital to stay away from this issue. 

  • Kohl eye pencils are accessible in various bundles. From the conventional Surma boxes that must be applied with the assistance of the finger to pencils that are a lot simpler to apply. Have good and bad sticks accessible relying upon the look you need. 
  • Start with your eye pencil at the inward corner of the eye towards the external side. You can explore different avenues regarding your look by following the line somewhat farther than where your eyelid closes and giving it a feline eye look. 
  • To apply to the lower eyelid, pull the lower eyelid somewhat upwards with the assistance of your ring finger and query. Presently define a boundary with the kohl eye pencil with the other hand. Try not to press excessively hard and try not to get into the eyes. 
  • Make the straight line and the most ideal way of doing this is to remain before the mirror and practice. Make a solitary clean stroke with the pencil to hit the nail on the head. Then, at that point, you can make it more obscure or thicker assuming you need it. 

4 styles with the kohl kajal pencil 

  1. Utilizing the ring finger of your non-prevailing hand, delicately pull the skin under your lower eyelid down until you see the white of your eye. Utilizing a kohl kajal pencil, define a boundary along the waterline of your lower eyelid from the internal corner of the eye to the external edge.

  2. Make sharp lines with an eye diffuser. If your kajal look is excessively sharp or excessively slender, you can tenderly mix the two lines by running the tip of an eyeliner brush over them. Start at the internal corner of the eye and follow the kajal to the edge of the eye.

  3. Make a winged feline's eye. Start at the internal corner of the eye and define a boundary along the lash line. Whenever you've arrived at the external corner of your upper lash line, define a short boundary that goes up at a 45-degree point. For a bolder look, go down the whole kohl fix and thicken it with a short pencil or wand strokes. 

  4. Mix the kohl eye pencil for a smokey eye. Close the eye and apply a thick line to the upper eyelid. Take a cushy eyeshadow brush and mix the kohl upwards, through the wrinkle, and towards the eyebrows. Ombre impact, draw another flimsy kohl line on the upper lash line, and mix. 


These days, you can likewise get kajal fluid eyeliner available. You can utilize them too as they keep going quite a while, look more attractive, and will not smirch once they're totally dry. Be that as it may, limit the application to the upper eyelids as it were. Utilize a dry kohl eye pencil for the lower eye. While applying fluid kohl, keep your eyes shut briefly to dry. Pouring is an anxious response when an unfamiliar article bothers. Corrective kajal can contain additives, so it's ideal to eliminate them with the assistance of an eye cosmetics remover before bed. If you are looking for the best kajal collection in India then, don’t forget to visit Recode’s Kajal collection.