Most girls love to wear lipsticks. Lipstick is one of the favorite makeup essentials that can change your makeup game. Wearing lipstick can do wonders in your looks. However, lipstick has different forms, types, and shades.

There is a variety of lipstick available in the market like a liquid lipstick, matte lipstick, cream lipstick, etc. In recent years, liquid lipstick has become famous among girls. Liquid lipstick has more benefits than a normal lipstick.

But you are still confused about which lipstick to wear, normal or liquid. So we are going to clear your doubt by telling you how liquid lipstick is different from normal lipstick. Here we are going to talk about liquid lipstick vs. normal lipstick.

Why should you choose liquid lipstick?


If we talk about liquid lipstick benefits, how can we forget pigmentation? Liquid lipstick has high pigmentation. You can achieve your look with just one swipe of liquid lipstick. Liquid lipsticks are not feeling heavy on lips and give a smooth look. So if you love bold lips, then you need liquid lipstick.

No lip liner needed

You can create a crips line by using liquid lipstick. Normal lipstick needs a lip liner to create a line. So if you want to give a good shape to your lips by a line, then liquid lipstick comes for reuse. So if we are talking about liquid lipstick vs. normal lipstick, you can choose a liquid lipstick if you want a long last lipstick.


You can wear liquid lipstick the whole day, and if you are wearing normal lipstick, you have to touch it up every hour. But once you wear liquid lipstick, it's drying and doesn't fade for the whole day.

Why choose normal lipstick?

Liquid lipstick is not easy to apply.

You want a study hand if you are applying liquid lipstick. Applying liquid lipstick, in general, is tough. You may suffer from wonky lines and uneven coverage if you are not a makeup artist. 

You can’t touch up in the liquid lipstick. Instead, normal lipstick is easy to apply. If we compare liquid lipstick vs. solid lipstick, solid lipstick is easier to apply.

Liquid lipstick is dry.

Liquid lipstick is designed to give a matte finish and a long last look. Its means liquid lipstick is dried on lips. If you compare liquid lipstick with cream lipstick, it can be very dry. You have to moisturizer your lips before applying liquid lipsticks. You can wear normal lipstick if you don't want dry lips.

Normal lipstick removes easily.

Liquid lipstick is hard to remove. You have done little work while removing liquid lipstick, while normal lipstick is easy to remove. Don't remove the lipstick with water base solution. You have to use oil to remove it. This is the main difference between a liquid lipstick and matt lipstick.


There are so many benefits of liquid lipstick, but there is also some disadvantage. You can choose a liquid lipstick if you want a long last and higher pigmentation lipstick. But don't go for liquid lipstick if you touch up often and want an easy-to-remove lipstick.

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