Is there any way to lock moisture in your skin and get soft and hydrated skin for all day? Face can help you to get proper shiny skin. However, the majority of people believe that face oils hydrate our skin. But the reality is that the ingredients in oils help our skin to produce moisture and keep our skin radiant and plump for a long time. 

 The real work of face oil is not making your skin slicker but providing the required active ingredients to your skin. Here, we are providing you top 6 best oils for glowing skin in India. Let’s dive in.

 1.Rose Gold Beauty Oil

 Rose Gold Beauty Oil is one of the essential oils that work greatly to remove scars from your skin and provide you perfect glowing skin. It contains 100% natural ingredients with partial gold dust particles that hydrates and give you lovable skin. Apply just 6 to 7 drops and rub gently to get the tender glow. This oil is also known for being the most suitable to mix with makeup.


 2.Jojoba Oil

 Have you ever seen this shrubby tree of Jojoba? It exists in California and Southern Arizona. Just Google the benefits of Jojoba oil for skin and you will get the list of the benefit of this highly nutritious oil. One of the best properties of the oil is lighter than any natural face oil that makes it easy to penetrate the skin and provide soften and soothe skin with a glow.



 3.Watermelon Seed Oil

 If you are looking for oil that repairs your skin by detoxification, Acne, anti-aging, de-puffs then watermelon seed oil is the only answer for you. With multiple nutrients like oleic acid, omega 3, omega 9, omega 6, linolenic acid, vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin E this oil works as one of the power antioxidants. Due to its fast-absorbing, lightweight, and detox property this oil suits any kind of skin. This oil is the only option to reduce hyperpigmentation quickly. You can use this oil on the body.


 4.Moroccan Argan Oil

 Are you looking for a solution to Acne? Or are you looking for the best oil for a dry face? Or are you looking for scar treatment? Then yes, Moroccan argan oil for face only! This Morocco-based oil is highly popularized for its great taste and wonderful aroma. It is fully packed with antioxidants, vitamin A, C, and E, omega 6 fatty acids, and many other nutrients that our skin needed regularly.                         


 5.Sea Buckthorn Oil

 As per the name, it not comes into Sea but is derived from seeds of sea buckthorn shrub. For more than 1000 years Chinese use this fruit as medicine for any sort of skin problem. Sea buckthorn oil for skin is the best option because it comes with more than 190 nutrients with a higher amount of minerals, fiber, and protein which make it a superfood for the skin.


 6.Tea Tree Oil

 Many experts called this oil a natural wonder because of its anti-microbial, antiseptic, and nourishing properties. From dry to oily skin, Tea tree oil gets points for any sort of skin because its lightweight and antiseptic property makes it all in one solution.



 Final Words:

 These are some of the topmost highly popular face oils all across India. Choose one of them as per your skin condition, type, and requirements. All of these oils are completely made out of natural products that are enough to rejuvenate all your senses. Add any of these products to your daily skincare routine and get endless, lovable skin.