Eye makeup looks are incomplete without the flawless winged liner. It is one of the main makeup items most females purchase as they venture into the glamour world. When it comes to liners, there are many types of liners available to select from. You can select between liquid eyeliner, sketch pen eyeliner and gel eyeliner.

But how much knowledge do we have about these eyeliner formulations and what distinction they make in makeup look? Given below are the differences between gel, liquid and pencil eyeliner.                  


Gel Eyeliner

For evenings when you are in the mood to try something more advanced or go on a date, use a pot of black gel liner. Waterproof gel eyeliner enables more imperfection and often glides better with the soft skin around our eyes. It is also manageable to create your line with a gel eyeliner. You can select the thickness of the line, the intensity of the colour, and the size of the brush.

It is also perfect for experimenting with blue, brown, and many more colours. The gel eyeliner's texture is the complete in-betweener. Gel eyeliner has the pigment of liquid eyeliner and proper creamy density for effortless application.


Gel eyeliner is perfect for beginners who struggle to create wings. It comes in a little container and has a creamier and thick consistency. All you need is a small, thin angled brush for liner application to your lids to create different effects on your eyes. Gel liners don't smudge and are long-lasting.


Gel liner can dry out over time if not utilized every day.


Liquid Eyeliner

Easy to use, long-lasting, and versatile, liquid eyeliner may be the perfect newest addition to your eye makeup collection. Matte liquid eyeliner is one of the finest makeup items for creating statement lines, graphic wings, and flawless cat-eyes. It can be beneficial for hiding a hangover and perfect for adding attractive vibes to your appearance before a date.


Liquid eyeliner doesn't smudge easily. Once applied on the eyelid and it dries, the colour will stay for how long you want it to. Another incredible thing about liquid liners is that there is no need to struggle to get the perfect tip for outlining your eyes. Applying a white line with a white liquid eyeliner along the waterline opens up an intense cat-eye with just a single line.

As these eyeliners are liquid, you don't need to shape or sharpen them to get the desired results. Utilizing liquid eyeliner enables you to get a more detailed outline of your eyes. Also, blue liquid eyeliner goes on smoothly without breaking and flaking, giving an enticing look to your eyes.


One of the disadvantages of utilizing liquid eyeliner is that you have to get used to it. If you make a blunder while applying a liquid liner, it is going to consume some time to remove.


Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil liners are enclosed in a wooden case that is available in mechanical style and can be sharpened like a writing pencil. They’re much simpler to maintain than something like a gel liner and liquid liner and create a natural-looking, clean line.

It has a plastic shaft with a retractable pencil to have control. It is much simpler to maintain than something like a gel liner and liquid liner and creates a natural-looking, clean line. Blue eyeliner pencil can also be effortlessly smudged, making it simple to create a sultry and smokey look.


As pencil liners can be resharpened, you can apply them as finely as you want. The perfectly sharpened tips of pencil liner can also be utilized to fill in hard-to-reach and tricky spots of your eyes. The pencil eyeliner can be blended easily to create a less sharp and soft look if your lines end up looking harsh or too bold.


If you twist the pencil eyeliner up too much, it can break off.


Everybody likes a bold and strong eyeliner look. There are many different colours and varieties of eyeliners available in the market, and picking your desired one can feel a little intimidating. So, if you are searching for a waterproof and smudge-free eyeliner that gives you a bold and elegant look, then Recode Studios is the best destination for you.