Black Mascara 8 ml
Black Mascara 8 ml
Black Mascara 8 ml
Black Mascara 8 ml
Black Mascara 8 ml
Black Mascara 8 ml

Black Mascara 8 ml

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  • Description
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  • Description
  • The product is
    • Creamy & lightweight
    • Easy to apply
    • Quick-drying

    Lush Looks Mascara is the one, magical product that can make an appearance on both a no-makeup day and a night out

    • It adds volume and length to individual lashes, creating a plump but natural look
    • Easily delivers the kind of super defined,
    • Paraben-Free
    • Argan Oil
    • Iron oxide Free
    • Moisturizing agent

    Create a natural look with black mascara

    For most ladies, applying mascara is an important part of regular makeup that just cannot be excluded. Mascara is one of those beauty products that we could contemplate over for hours, which gives the best thickness, volume, length, and overall sexy eyelashes.

    Whether you want to re-create twiggy-inspired eyes or bring a boost to your shorter lashes, you can transform an appearance with just the flick of a black mascara stick.

    How does black mascara beautify your eyes?

    This magical beauty item can create a natural look on both no-makeup night and day out. It adds enough volume and length to your eyelashes.

    You can also use a black mascara that moves away from your eyelash from the outer edge of your eye, making them look wider and larger and adding profoundness to your eyes. That wide-awake appearance will save you from the reality of appearing like you got up just 15 minutes before work.

    Get a black mascara from Recode today to enhance your natural beauty!

    Recode brings you a wide range of black mascara that looks amazing on you. Our mascara is easy to apply and dries quickly. Recode's mascara gives your eyelashes that boost with an amazing combination of a lash-lifting brush, strong mascara formula, and an effective application technique. You can also apply our pink mascara by wiggling the mascara stick along your eyelash line, gently brush the mascara up through to the tips. This formula from Recode enables you to thicken your eyelashes for a more elegant look. Our mascara is smudge-free and water-resistant.

    Try out Recode Studio's blue mascara as well to get a sassy, dramatic appearance. Our mascaras are paraben-free and iron oxide-free. Also, don't forget to purchase matte liquid eyeliner at a reasonable price. You can create flawless cat eyes and statement lines with our liquid matte eyeliner.

    Why should you buy Recode black mascara?

    At Recode Studio, you’ll get the best range of black mascara that suits your eye makeup appearance the best way. Also, opt for the best black mascara from Recode to get the perfect makeup look every time. Besides, our is equally outstanding that allows you to play with stunning eye looks by offering you intensely curled eyelashes.

    The smart brush of transparent mascara allows smooth strokes for those flawlessly curled eyelashes. The most amazing thing about our mascara for short lashes is that the amount of mascara can be controlled that goes out into the stick. So, if you wish to create a daytime makeup look, you can just utilize the mascara dose.

    At the same time, you can have the opportunity of an easy and quick shopping experience of the eye makeup from our shops that we provide you at your desired destination with complete convenience. Thus, every time you buy a sketch eyeliner from us, you'll get the chance to enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

    You can also buy waterproof gel eyeliner from Recode Studios at an affordable price. Besides, you can also get a kohl kajal pencil that will give you an intense and dramatic eye makeup look.

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  • Earliest Expiry : 11/2023

    Manufacturer Details :

    Maxima Solutions

    SIDCUL,Pantnagar ( Uttarakhand) 263153

    Made in India