Recode Hydrating Moisturizer for Glowing Skin SPF 25 Lotion Spray (100 ml)
Recode Hydrating Moisturizer for Glowing Skin SPF 25 Lotion Spray (100 ml)
Recode Hydrating Moisturizer for Glowing Skin SPF 25 Lotion Spray (100 ml)
Recode Hydrating Moisturizer for Glowing Skin SPF 25 Lotion Spray (100 ml)

Recode Hydrating Moisturizer for Glowing Skin SPF 25 Lotion Spray (100 ml)

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  • Description
  • Why Should You Use
  • How to Use Hydrating Moisturizer
  • Description
  • Recode Hydrating Moisturizer for Glowing Skin SPF 25 -100 ML

    • Enriched With Watermelon Seed Ext. Vitamin-E, Grape Seed & Almond Oil
    • Paraben-Free
    • For All Skin Types
    • 100 ml

    Recode Daily use SPF 25 Moisturizing Spray for the face and body. It hydrates the skin and helps improve skin tone and prevents aging.

    Ingredients: Aqua, Hyaluronic Acid, Isopropyl Myristate, Glycerin, Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Aureobasidium Pullulans, Sodium L-Pyroglutamate, Sodium Pyrrolidone Carboxylate, Vitamin E, Watermelon Seed Ext., Benzophenone -4.

    Caution: For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Do not use it on damaged & broken skin. Store in a cool and dry place.

    The direction of use: Spray it on your face or body from a distance of 15cm. For better coverage of spray, wait for 1-2 mins, allowing absorption on your skin.

    Disclaimer: Some products can cause allergy to some specific skin type, we always recommend doing a patch test on your inner wrist for 10 minutes. Discontinue in case of irritation.

    Shake Well Before Use

    Mfd By :


    Kh. No. 3, Near HRTC Workshop, Sector-01, Parwanoo,

    Solan, Himachal Pradesh-173220

    M.L. No. : HIM/COS/20/303

    Batch No. : AGC-202

    Mfg. Date: Feb. 2022

    Best Before 36 months from the date of MFG.

  • Why Should You Use
  • Redefine your daily dose of makeup with Recode Studios Moisturizing Spray for Face

    Are you looking for a redefined moisturizing spray? Recode Studios brings you the most suitable vitamin E moisturizer. It will enrich your skin and add value to your daily skincare. Recode Studios SPF 25 spray that will improve the texture, health, and quality of the skin. 

    Recode Studios picks the best ingredient and incorporates it into a moisturizing spray to pamper your skin after or before a long day. The spray features a light breeze entailing a non-sticky formula giving you a great experience. 

    Heal your skin with our moisturizing spray

    Recode Studios' moisturizer spray for the face is an excellent product to make your burnt or tanned skin keep your skin glowing and smooth all the time. It comes with benefits and works best for all skin types, from normal to oily skin types. It enriches the combination skin moisturizer spray, which will not irritate your skin. The vitamin E moisturizer can be a game-changer for people who spend hours in the sun. It is a powerful antioxidant and will protect your skin from harmful UV rays. 

    The moisturizing spray is dermatologically trusted and serves great for skin that is tanned. By using the SPF 25 spray, you can choose to get a natural glow. It will keep the skin hydrated all day. You will enjoy a natural glow and texture on the skin without feeling heavy or greasy on your skin.

    To make it more advantageous for you, Recode studios has incorporated the goodness of watermelon seeds into its moisturizing spray. It will absorb and reduce the excess oil on your face. Besides, the moisturizing spray can be utilized on both body and face. It will gradually increase the tone of your skin. Recode Studios also feature face serum for glowing skin; you can pair it up with moisturizer spray.

    Get a makeup ready skin with Recode Studios Vitamin E moisturizing spray

    The moisturizer spray for the face from Recode Studios will help you prep your skin with the necessary elements for makeup. It will create a base for the skin and help the skin absorb the products more evenly. It will eliminate the chances of baked makeup. You can blend the makeup more adequately.

    It is made in a way that is totally allergy-free and alcohol-free. We bring only the best for your skin. Recode Studios products promise high-performance and feature natural composition. 

    The pure ingredients will help you redefine the product. It is free from all kinds of artificial or harmful chemicals. The moisturizing spray will reduce clogged pores and heal the skin effectively. The amazing moisturizing spray goes easy on the skin. It gets absorbed quickly and retained in the skin for a longer period of time. It will give you an instantly refreshing feel. The moisturizer spray for the face is the best option to get your face ready for the makeup as it will keep it intact. Also, get hold of the face primer for oily and dry skin from Recode Studios to get your skin ready for makeup.

    Choose Vitamin E enriched moisturizing spray from Recode Studios

    The Recode Studios moisturizing spray comes with the goodness of Vitamin E. If you have dry skin and constantly feel a breakout, you can choose vitamin E moisturizer from Recode Studios to solve the problem.

    The dermatologically trusted product will detail the goodness of vitamin E keeping your skin hydrated all the time. You can have an instant softer skin with just one spray. 

    The easy-to-use moisturizing spray can be applied not only to the face but to the entire body. It will keep your body and skin hydrated, locking all the moisture within. 

    The vitamin E moisturizer for the face will take care of radicals and also protect the skin from sun damage. The easy-absorption formula comes in compact packaging, making it travel-friendly.

    Enjoy the goodness of our chemical-free moisturizer spray

    Recode Studios features a chemical-free moisturizing spray that includes only natural ingredients. It will help you get the best ever skin with SPF protection. 

    It includes the goodness of Watermelon Seed Ext., Grape Seeds, and Almond oil. Spray the paraben-free moisturizer daily to get a hold of revitalized skin. You should spray from a distance of 15 cm so that the whole skin gets exposed to the natural formula and will keep the skin moisturized even on dry, sunny days.

    Recode Studios brings to you the best SPF 25 spray, which will help you prevent aging. The regular usage of the moisturizing spray will do wonders to your skin. You can even use the spray by pairing it up with the best contour palette from Recode Studios. However, always avoid contact with your eyes. The spray will nourish your skin and help you get an even skin tone all around. 

    Recode studios moisturizer spray for the face comes with a non-greasy formula that blends faster. It provides in-depth hydration and opens pores for better penetration of the skincare product. 

    Get hold of Recode Studios' moisturizing spray for a quicker blend

    Recode Studio's moisturizing spray is one of the must-have sprays for early morning or late night events. If you find yourself entangled in your work and can’t spend enough time on your skincare, Recode Studio's moisturizing spray can come quite a in use. The quick formula gets absorbed in the skin faster, giving you radiant skin for the whole day. 

    The lightweight and non-sticky texture will give your skin the necessary amount of oil. It will reduce any blemishes or premature aging features like wrinkles or fine lines. If you have sensitive skin, you must test the patch on your hand before applying it to the face. 

    The moisturizing spray will give instant hydration and glow. The dermatologically tested formula works best while applying makeup. It will enrich the skin and protect the skin from any damage as it is the best vitamin E moisturizer. You will have a redefined base removing any chances of a cakey face. You can also use a bi-phase makeup remover from Recode studios to trace out all unnecessary elements from your skin after a long day at work.

  • How to Use Hydrating Moisturizer
  • You can use our hydrating moisturizer for glowing skin anytime, according to your convenience. We recommend the following usage of this moisturizer product.

    1. Hydrate Your Skin Anytime
    2. Are you feeling dryness on your facial skin? Does your face look dry and pale? Apply this hydrating moisturizer spray to glow your skin and see the magical change on your face in a few minutes. Right after applying the cream, you will notice a lively radiance on the skin. Moreover, you will obtain a long-term relief against skin dryness with regular application.

    3. An Ideal Moisturizer for Winter
    4. Recode's moisturizer for the face is an excellent solution to protect your facial skin from winter dryness. Many people do not face dry skin issues in summer, though they face the problem extensively in winter. The best way of protecting facial skin from winter dryness is by applying our moisturizer. The product is poised with the goodness of watermelon seed extracts, almond oil, hyaluronic acid, and many other skin moisturizing elements.

    5. Apply the Cream before Makeup
    6. Many women prefer applying light moisturizer before applying makeup foundation. The moisturizer will keep the makeup foundation intact for a long time. Nevertheless, skin dryness causes skin irritation and red patches after applying the makeup products. You can avoid such skin irritations using this hydrating moisturizer for glowing skin.

    7. Moisturizer for All Skin Types
    8. We have introduced this moisturizer to suit all types of skin. If you have oily skin, you can try this moisturizer for all skin types in India. Oily skin people often suffer from a lack of facial skin glow. You can add an impressive and attractive radiance to your skin by applying this skin-friendly moisturizing cream. On the other hand, dry skin users should apply the moisturizer regularly to get rid of their extreme dry skin situation.

    9. Apply for Sun Protection
    10. Recode's moisturizing lotion comes with SPF 25 sun protection, and thus you can use this as a sunscreen lotion. Apply the moisturizer gently on your face before going out during the daytime. The moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and lively. On the other hand, the SPF 25 formula will protect facial skin from sunburn and UV damage.

    11. Easy to Apply
    12. We have introduced this hydrating moisturizer for all skin types in India with innovative packaging. You can spray the moisturizer on your face to the amount you require. We recommend a small amount of moisturizer for oily and semi-oily skin. If you have extreme skin dryness issues, you should apply a good moisturizer after a bath. The product is enriched with Vitamin E, an essential skin nutrient. Therefore, it heals skin dryness gradually if you apply the lotion regularly.

    13. Not Just a Facial Moisturizer
    14. For all skin types in India, this moisturizer is not just a facial moisturizer; you can also apply it to your body. Many people suffer from hand dryness, and applying the moisturizer will keep your hands soft and hydrated. You can apply the moisturizer to your feet to keep their feet hydrated and soft.

    15. Repair Stretch Marks
    16. Stretch marks are common for many women, and those marks often look ugly. Many women cannot wear the dresses they want to hide their stretch marks. You can end your embarrassments with stretch marks using our moisturizing cream. Regular application of this hydrating moisturizer for glowing skin on the stretch marks can remove them. However, it will not show the overnight result. You have to apply the moisturizer constantly to erase the stretch marks naturally.

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    Gtate results


    I just love it's doesn't irritate my skin... Best result before applying makeup it's prep my skin properly and give me smooth skin


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    Good product and pocket friendly product thnq recode