Who doesn’t want to make her eyes more attractive, big, and beautiful? After all, our eye is the reflection of our inner world. In ancient times, Kajal was known as a symbol of beauty. It is also highly beneficial for the eyes. But, now in the current era, there are many eye products like kajal, kohl kajal, eye pencils, kohl kajal pencil, and many other products available in the market.

 However, when it comes to beauty, why is it only black color? There is a range of different colors available like bronze, blue, eyeliner, brown, red and so on. Do you know the real difference between Kajal and Eyeliner? In this blog, we are going to compare these two and also explain to you which one is better for you.




So, what is Kajal?

 The word Kajal comes from the Indian Hindi language which means black. Kajal is a kind of eye makeup that can use either the upper or down or both sides of the eyes. It gives you a very good and sharper look to the eyelids and helps to visualize the full eyelashes. Nowadays there are many types of Kajal available based on color and ingredients. Today, several women prefer White Kohl Kajal to look stylish and modern.

 Pros and cons of Kajal:


  • It provides you intense look by the darker formula
  • You can easily apply it to eye
  • One of the best options for smokey eyes
  • Do not harm your eyes
  • It glides smoothly because of the creamy texture
  • Inexpensive and easy to remove


  • You need an expert to apply it in a proper way
  • Difficult to find out natural and real brand


    What is Eyeliner?

     Eyeliner is also a kind of eye makeup but its main purpose is to provide a perfect shape to your eye line. It can be applied to the upper eyelid and lower eyelid. It plays a pivotal role in your beauty by applying to the contours of your eyes, and that provides the best highlights to your eyes from the outside.

     Pros and cons of Eyeliner application:


    • Provide you long-lasting and dark and better look
    • Doesn’t dilute or smudge after a long time
    • Comes in numerous colors from natural black to bronze eyeliner, etc


    • Can’t be useful for smokey eyes
    • Can’t remove it easily so if you make any mistake, you need to erase it.

     Wrap up:

    As we discussed above, Kajal and Eyeliner both play an important role and both of them have different applications. Kajal can be applied on both the upper eyelid waterline and lower eyelid waterline. On the other side, eyeliner is only applied over the eyelid and most women prefer to use it on the upper side. Well, the combined product of these two essential ingredients of beauty is trending in India. Women like to use bronze eyeliner cum kajal to enhance their beauty to the next level.

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