How to enhance the beauty of the eyes? Mascara and kohl kajal pencil can provide you playful appearance with a sultry and dramatic look. But you need to choose the right mascara for your eyes to get the perfect formula for the look you are desire. Once you have the right product, all you need to understand is how to apply it to get sparkling eyes.


However, the majority of women prefer to use black mascara which is widely popular in India, but there are many other options available. But the type eye you have and tone of skin determine which color of mascara suits you the most. In this article, we are going to through some tips that will help you to choose the perfect mascara color for you. So, let’s get started.


 Black Mascara

 What color suits you? Don’t know? Try this all-rounder color that looks perfect and complete on anyone. Whether you have glowing or dark skin, if you are not able to decide which color suits you or if you are in hurry for your office then black mascara is only perfect choice that helps you to get ready in no time.


 Transparent Mascara

 Want to look more natural or have a fair skin tone? Just grab and wear transparent mascara. This is one of the best choices if you have visible and long hair. Transparent Mascara helps you to invisible to extra lashes and makes it perfect. However, choose eyeliner and eye shadow you choose it must be lighter than your mascara. 


 Blue Mascara

 Take advantage of your fair skin and just try this darker blue mascara to get the perfect eye with a gorgeous face. It will prove a great combination if you have gray, brown, or light green eyes.

 However, what if your skin is darker than usual? You can also use it. All you need is to put blue mascara upon a coat of black mascara and give it little time to completely dry it and then put few extra coats of mascara. This helps you to accentuate green eyes in a subtle way, gray, or light brown.


 Pink Mascara

 Want to look like Barbie? Pink mascara is perfect for you if you want to look younger and have a fair skin tone. Dark or brown eyes with pink Mascara provide you some magical look like a Barbie doll. 


 Green Mascara

 Is there any choice for hazel or brown eyes? Regardless of the tone of your skin, you must try this amazing green mascara that provides you a fabulous and perfect eye shadow that stands out your lashes perfectly.

 Wrap Up:

All in all, there is not any rule to choose mascara color but above all of the tips helps you to identify the perfect and best mascara color for you as per your skin tone. You can also try a different color like Purple, Brown Mascara which suits you most.